Fred Zuckerman, General Presidentfred.jpg

Fred Zuckerman is the President of Kentucky Local 89, one of the largest local unions in the Teamsters and a leader in the Vote No movement against Hoffa-Hall’s concessionary contracts. Fred united Local 89 members to vote against concessions in freight, at UPS Freight and at UPS where Local 89 members voted to reject contract givebacks by 94 percent. Fred joined the Teamsters when he helped organize Chemical Express in Houston Texas in 1979, and later took a job as a carhauler in Kentucky Local 89. After serving as steward for 7 years, Fred became a business agent and was elected President in 2000.  Fred has served as a grievance panel chair under President Carey and President Hoffa, and was the IBT Carhaul Director, until he broke with Hoffa’s failed leadership.  He is currently the President of Joint Council 94.  Under Fred’s leadership, Local 89 has organized nonunion members and protected industry standards.


Tim.jpgTim Sylvester, General Secretary-Treasurer

Tim Sylvester has a proven track record of winning strong contracts and better pensions during his six years as President of New York Local 804. When Hoffa-Hall and former Local 804 officials teamed up to give UPS concessions in 2007, Tim led a movement of Local 804 members to vote down the concessions and save 25 & Out pension benefits.  Based on that successful contract fight, Local 804 members elected Tim as their President in 2009. While Hoffa-Hall were giving UPS concessions and cutting members’ benefits, Tim organized a contract campaign that won a $400 pension increase (including at 25 & Out regardless of age), grievance procedure reform and new full-time jobs for 6,500 Teamsters at UPS.  Tim Sylvester joined the Teamsters Union in 1979. He served as a Shop Steward at UPS and then went to work as a project Organizer for our International Union where he worked on the Overnite organizing drive (now UPS Freight). 


Sandy Pope, At-Large Vice President


Sandy Pope has built union power for 38 years at every level of Teamster leadership. Sandy Pope has served as an organizer, business agent, Local Union President and International Representative.  After working as a warehouse Teamster, Sandy got her start in freight—first on the docks and then as a driver—in Cleveland Local 407 in 1979. Her early involvement with a successful month-long strike of Teamster Steelhaulers taught her about Teamster Power. She became an Organizer for Local 407 in 1985.  As an International Union Representative in the 1990s, Sandy worked with Local Unions to win good contracts and take on the nonunion competition in the Warehouse industry. In 2011, Sandy was the first woman to run for Teamster General President. Sandy is respected by Teamster officers and members alike as a coalition-builder and leader who puts Teamster power before Teamster politics. 


Thyer.jpgJohn Thyer, At-Large Vice President

John Thyer is a 41-year Teamster and the Principal Officer of Teamsters Local 604 in St. Louis. John is an aggressive, relentless voice for working Teamsters who fights to protect our industry standards, especially for Teamster carhaulers who make up the majority of Local 604’s members.  John’s leadership helped win 15 minutes paid fueling time for Teamster carhaulers.  John joined Teamsters Local 525 in 1974 as a construction driver. Since 1976, John has been a carhauler in Local 604 where he became Steward in 1984, was elected to the executive board in 1987, and has been principal officer since 1994.


Joe Darmento, At-Large Vice President


Joe Darmento comes from a family of Teamster truck drivers. An airline mechanic at UPS, Joe has been a Teamster for 26 years and a union member for 47 years.  Joe joined Local 2727 as an aircraft mechanic in 1989 and quickly got active as a Steward and Chairman of the Safety Committee before becoming a Local Trustee and Business Agent in 1992. Joe served as Principal Officer of 2727 from 1996-2004 during which time he was appointed International Trustee to Local 19; he has served as Vice President as well as Trustee of Joint Council 94. As Chief Negotiator, Joe bargained a superior aircraft mechanics contract in Local 2727. Joe will be a voice for Teamster airline workers and all working Teamsters.


WillieF.jpgWillie Ford, At-Large Vice President

Willie Ford is a 28-year Teamster, Iraqi War Veteran and proud member of Charlotte Local 71. He has served our union as a Shop Steward and Executive Board member. Local 71 members elected Willie to represent them as a Delegate to the Teamster Convention in 2011. A UPS feeder driver, Willie is a rank-and-file organizer who amplifies the voices of working Teamsters and is unafraid to challenge the status quo. That’s exactly the kind of leadership we need on our General Executive Board. 


Stan White, At-Large Vice PresidentStanWhite.jpg

Stan White is the Principal Officer of Teamsters Local 206 in Oregon where he has helped negotiate industry-leading contracts in the warehouse industry, including the first master agreement with Unified Grocers. A Teamster since 1977, Stan served as a local union trustee and Vice President before becoming Principal Officer of Local 206 in 2014. Stan fights for strong contracts by including members on every contract bargaining committee and organizing militant contract campaigns and he will bring that leadership to the IBT.


Carlos.jpgCarlos Lizarraga, At-Large Vice President

Carlos is a proud member of America’s oldest union, the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen (BLET). He joined the Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employees (BMWE) in 1978, then transferred to the Transportation Department to join the BLET in 1992 and became an engineer in 1994. He has served as a delegate to the National Rail Conference since 2004, and was delegate to the Teamster Convention in 2006 and has served as BLET Division 106 Local Chairman.  His priorities are quality of life issues due to erratic scheduling, fighting against excessive discipline by employers, and speaking out against the shift towards pay increases tied to company productivity and membership availability.


Jerry Yarbrough, At-Large Vice PresidentYarbrough.jpg

Jerry Yarbrough is a 28-year freight Teamster who has served our union as a Local Officer and Chief Steward in Memphis Local 667. Jerry joined the Teamsters in Jackson, Mississippi Local 891 before transferring to Memphis Local 667 in 1992. He has been both a road driver and a city driver for Consolidated Freightways, Yellow, Roadway, Carolina, and Holland.  An experienced leader, Jerry served as a trustee in 667 for 9 years.  He joined Teamsters United to help rebuild Teamster power in freight and to fight to save our pensions by organizing members in our core industries.


Tony.jpgTony Jones, Central Region Vice President 

The President of Local 413 in Columbus, Ohio, Tony Jones joined our union 30 years ago as a dock worker and city driver for Roadway Express, and was elected Steward after just 2 years on the job. In 2000 Tony won election as secretary treasurer of Local 413, and was elected president in 2006 and is now the longest-serving incumbent in the local’s history, because he fights for Teamsters every day. Jones has been an aggressive advocate for organizing the nonunion competition, including in the freight industry where Hoffa has no long-term plan or commitment. Tony organized public sector and bus driver units to build the union. His leadership was honored in 2012 when he received the George Meany Award for Community Involvement. Tony is a vocal opponent of the pension cuts that are devastating Teamsters in the Central States and will be a strong voice for working Teamsters on our General Executive Board.


Avral Thompson, Central Region Vice PresidentAvral.jpg

Avral Thompson became a Teamster in 1984 when he was hired at the new American Greetings card manufacturing plant in Bardstown KY. He was soon elected steward, then chief steward. Avral became a business agent in Local 89 in 1996 and began his career representing members at the Kroger Warehouse, Brown Forman whiskey distillers and other miscellaneous companies. In 1997 Local 89 moved Avral into the car haul division to assist Fred Zuckerman in representing nearly 900 car haulers. In 2005 Avral became recording Secretary at Local 89, and was elected at his current position as Vice President in 2011. 


Frisky.jpgBill Frisky, Central Region Vice President

Bill Frisky is the Principal Officer of Local 964 in Cleveland. He first became a Teamster in 1979 with Local 571 as a rigger and machinery mover before joining Local 964 as a carhauler. He was elected as alternate steward in 2004 and became lead steward in 2010. Bill worked as a member organizer from 2009-2011 with Continental-United Airline Workers. Elected to lead Local 964 in 2014, Bill has risen to the challenge to continue moving the local forward by making tough choices to reduce expenses and prioritize programs that serve the members.


 Robert Kopystynsky, Central Region Vice President


Robert Kopystynsky, a Chicago Local 710 Teamster, is an elected steward at the CACH, one of the largest UPS hubs in North America. His aggressive contract enforcement against subcontracting has forced UPS to add new runs. Robert has worked on Teamster organizing drives in cartage and freight. He is committed to building union power by enforcing our contracts, taking on subcontracting and organizing the nonunion competition.


Taibi.jpgMatt Taibi, Eastern Region Vice President

Matt Taibi is the principal officer of Local 251, the second largest Teamster local in New England, representing 5,500 members in diverse industries, including healthcare, school bus, public sector, freight, UPS, fuel oil, construction, and more. Matt started out as a Teamster in the Super Valu warehouse before moving on to UPS. As the leader of Local 251, Matt has launched aggressive contract campaigns, started a new organizing and political action program, and forged new labor-community alliances that helped 2,500 Teamsters at Rhode Island Hospital win a strong contract. Matt is the kind of progressive, aggressive leader our union needs.


Randy Shepler, Eastern Region Vice PresidentRandy.jpg

Randy Shepler became a Teamster at 18 and has nearly 30 years of experience in our union. An elected Business Agent, Randy was one of the first part-timers to win office in Local 30 in Western Pennsylvania and he will be a strong voice for UPS part-timers on our union’s General Executive Board. Teamsters in Western Pennsylvania voted twice against the UPS contract only to have it imposed by Hoffa and Hall. Randy believes the International Union should be mobilizing members to win contract improvements—not keeping members in the dark and selling contract givebacks. That’s why he has joined the Teamsters United Slate. 


BRandall.jpgBob Randall, Eastern Region Vice President

Bob Randall is the President of Local 559 in Connecticut. He became a Teamster 38 years ago as a warehouse worker at Sweet Life (now Supervalu). He quickly became involved with the Union as a volunteer organizer in the Local’s Organizing Committee, and went on to become a staff organizer with Local 559 for the next five years. After 10 years in SEIU’s organizing department, Bob returned to 559 as a Business Agent. He sat on the committee to bargain a superior statewide construction contract, and has bargained a number of successful grocery contracts, ratified by overwhelming majorities.


 John Palmer, Southern Region Vice PresidentPalmer.jpg

John Palmer has been a Teamster for nearly 30 years after serving in the U.S. Army.  As an ABF Freight Driver, John was an active member of local 657 in San Antonio. In the mid-90’s, John worked on the Overnite Transportation Organizing Campaign—where he met Tim Sylvester—and helped lead the drive that ultimately brought our Union to the Overnite docks in Houston, Texas.  John served as a Business Agent in Local 657, before returning to the IBT organizing department in 2003, and has continued organizing new Teamsters. John sees organizing as the lifeblood of the Teamsters Union, and is running to end the abandonment of our core industries and our pension funds by the Hoffa administration.


Kim.jpgKim Schultz, Southern Region Vice President

Kim Schultz, Local 2011, is a 21 year public employee, a proven organizer, an attorney, and an effective advocate for the members. Kim completed her law degree while working full time as a Probation Officer and attended law school in the evenings. She was a leader on the organizing drive to replace the ineffective association representing 15,000 Florida Department of Corrections officers whose bargaining unit is currently Teamsters Local 2011. She attended her first  IBT Women’s Conference in 2011 and spoke in support of becoming a Teamster. Kim will be a strong voice for working Teamsters, including the 200,000 public employees in our union.


 Dave Bernt, Trustee


Dave Bernt is an elected IBT Convention delegate from Local 705 in Chicago and a graduate of the DePaul University Labor Leadership Program. He served as an elected shop steward to UPS package car drivers and is currently a UPS feeder driver.  Dave has participated in multiple successful organizing drives as an active member of the Local's Volunteer Organizing Committee.  He has assisted Local 705 in organizing over 1,000 new members in Teamster core industries, and believes this is what the IBT should be doing across the country.  He will bring his experience and commitment to organizing to the IBT.


Loobie.jpgDave Loobie, Trustee

Dave Loobie is an 18-year Teamster and shop steward representing UPS Teamsters in New York City. In 2013, he became the first part-timer in Local 804 history to serve on the contract supplement bargaining committee with UPS. He spoke up on inside workers' issues and help Local 804 win 150 new full-time jobs. Dave was a key leader in Local 804's End Part-Time Poverty at UPS campaign. He organized rallies and marches to mobilize Teamsters to win $15 starting pay for UPS part-timers by raising the New York minimum wage to $15 an hour—$5 more than what the Hoffa-Hall administration negotiated in the national UPS contract. He represented our union at the Governor's State of the State address. Dave will be a passionate advocate for part-timers, low-income workers and all Teamsters. 


Todd Anderson, TrusteeAnderson.jpg

Todd Anderson is the UPS Freight road steward in Chicago Local 710 where he has fought subcontracting and other problems caused by the weak contracts negotiated by Hoffa-Hall. Anderson worked as a mechanic at Consolidated Freightways from 1987 until they closed their doors in 2002. He has seen first-hand the high cost that members pay for Hoffa-Hall’s abandonment of Teamster power in trucking. Todd will be a strong force for UPS Freight Teamsters and all members.


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