Message to Delegates

Message to Delegates

Dear Convention Delegate, Alternates and Guests:

Every Convention Delegate was sent here to be the voice and ears of the members back home. We have tried to listen to every Teamster with courtesy and respect.

Hoffa-Hall Campaign whips have organized booing to make it all-but-impossible for our voices to be heard. 

Here are some of the remarks you may not have been able to hear from this morning’s nominations.

If you agree that every Teamster deserves a voice and a choice, please consider supporting the Teamsters United candidates in tonight’s secret ballot nominations vote.

In solidarity,


Fred Zuckerman
General President Teamsters United


Santos_email.pngListening, Not Shouting

"I was on the organizing committee that brought 2,500 Rhode Island Hospital employees into the Teamsters. As an organizer, you don’t shout, you listen.  You build consensus. You build unity. We need more of that in this union—and at this Convention."

Paul Santos, President Local 251



The Wrong Image for Our UnionYarbrough_email.png

"In organizing drives, we tell workers that by becoming a Teamster they will have a voice on the job and in our union.

"When you boo John Palmer, a Teamster organizer, what message are you sending to the workers we are trying to organize? This is the wrong image for our union. It is a bad image that helps the union busters—not Teamster organizers."

Jerry Yarbrough, Local 667


Frank_Perez_email.jpgGive Every Member a Choice

"Local 630 members elected us as their delegates because they want their voices to be heard in our union. 
"They elected us because they want a choice in the Teamsters election.  I ask you to support all the Teamsters United candidates in the West and give our members a choice."

Frank Perez, Local 630


Leadership that Looks Like the MembershipHarold_Armstrong_email.jpg

"The General Executive Board of our union should look like the membership. We need more sisters in our union leadership. We need more people of color on the GEB.

"One woman and one African American in our top leadership doesn’t cut it. Kim Schultz is a proven leader. Please give her your vote and give members a choice in the election this fall."

Harold Armstrong, Local 667




Campaign Website

Leave our Convention coverage and return to the Teamsters United campaign website. 

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