Majority Vote on Contracts

Majority Vote on Contracts

Respect Majority Rule on Contract Supplement Votes

The Teamster Constitution protects the right of members to vote on their contract supplements by majority vote.  As long as more than half of the eligible members vote, the Constitution requires a 50% plus one approval for a supplement to be ratified.

Convention Delegates established the right to vote on contract supplements 25 years ago and, since then, members have exercised that right to vote down substandard supplemental agreements and win stronger contracts.

But in 2014, the Hoffa-Hall administration imposed three UPS supplemental agreements over majority No votes by the members, including in Philadelphia Local 623 , in Western Pennsylvania, and in Louisville Local 89 .

Our amendment, would restore our tradition of Teamster democracy by prohibiting the General Executive Board from imposing contract supplements that have been rejected by a majority vote of the affected members.

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