Letter to Delegates and Alternates

Letter to Delegates and Alternates

Dear Teamster Convention Delegate or Alternate Delegate:

Teamster leaders like you will shape our union’s future at the 2016 Teamster Convention. I look forward to serving with you there.

The Teamster Convention should unite us to face the serious challenges that we confront as a union and as a labor movement.  Most importantly, we need to take up action plans to rebuild our union’s power.

Since our last Convention, our members’ have suffered national contract concessions, benefit cuts and the gravest threat to Teamster pensions in our history.

I am running for Teamster General President because I think we need new leadership, new ideas and new direction. 

I served with General President Hoffa, and with other members of the General Executive Board. I have respect for a number of them, but experience showed me that when it comes to bargaining, the pension crisis, organizing, or supporting local unions, President Hoffa is not serious about meeting the challenge.

President Hoffa has served four terms and 17 years. At this point, he is more of a figurehead than a leader.  Presidential leadership is about more than press appearances and photo ops.

As the President of Local 89 in Louisville, I know what it’s like to bargain with tough employers, lead winning strikes, organizing drives, defend members’ pensions and benefits, and build a strong local union for 15,000 members.

I am not running to be a “headquarters” president. After we win the election, I plan to visit as many locals as possible and bring our union together.

If we’re going to stand united against employers, the International Union needs to stop dividing locals based on who they support for General President. If you are ready to stand up to employers, I am ready to stand with you.

Our upcoming Convention is both a nominating and Constitutional Convention.

I have attached five proposed amendments to the IBT Constitution that are endorsed by Teamsters United, for your consideration. I have submitted these proposals to the Constitution Committee on which I serve.

Together, these amendments will:

  • Protect local unions from forced mergers or the forced transfer of members to another local

  • Protect democratically-elected local union leaders from having their authority usurped by an IBT Personal Representative without due process

  • Protect free and fair International Union elections
  • Ensure that contracts are only ratified if accepted by of the majority of the voting members

  • Strengthen our union’s bargaining leverage by providing strike benefits starting the first week of a strike 

I believe these amendments will strengthen the IBT and our local unions, no matter who is serving as the General President. 

I ask for your support for these proposals—and I also ask for your feedback and ideas.  You can reach me by calling the Teamsters United Campaign at 718-693-0400.

We are running a broad coalition campaign and seeking ideas from every corner of our union.

We would be proud to have your support for Teamsters United at the Convention and in the election this fall. 



Fred Zuckerman
General President Candidate


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